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Is a flood covered by my homeowners policy

No. A flood is never covered by a homeowners policy. A homeowners policy only covers what comes down (rain) and a separate flood policy covers what comes from the ground (flood waters).

Is going through FEMA the only way to obtain a flood policy

No. Certain flood zones and low elevations qualify for a new non-FEMA flood market.

Is a wind deductible the same as a hurricane deductible

A wind deductible is applicable when there is damage from high wind, while a hurricane deductible applies when a named hurricane hits land and does damage.

Should I tell my insurance company that I rent out my home/condo

There are certain coverages that need to be on the policy specifically for rental homes. Not informing your company of your rental situation could lead to loss of coverage.

My roof is over fifteen years old. Can I purchase a homeowners policy

With a roof aged fifteen years, the options become limited for renewing or changing your homeowners. There are carriers who still write policies up to 25 years.

What is the difference in insurance for a primary versus secondary home

If a secondary home is not rented out, some companies use the same rating as a primary. If it is indeed rented, it can cause an increase in rate. A much higher rate applies to a short-term rented property versus one that holds a long-term rent.

Are home and auto package discounts available here in South Carolina

Some companies will provide an account credit if both the home and auto are in the same agency.

How long do tickets/accidents stay on my record and affect my auto insurance rates

Most companies have two tiers (3 and 5 years) that they consider when rating. A driver with no tickets/accident in the last 5 years qualifies for the most preferred pricing.

What does my condo policy cover

Generally, your condo policy covers the inside of your condominium while the condominium master policy covers the outside. For additional clarification on coverage information, please refer to the master policy.

When can I purchase individual health insurance

Outside of certain life changing events, open enrollment is the only time you can purchase an individual policy. Open enrollment is November-February.

Why should I purchase my insurance from an independent agency

An independent agency contracts with many different companies to offer their clients many more options for their insurance needs. The servicing is done by a local business person rather than a 1-800 direct number.